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A user guide menu on how to use Strides Programs including Strides Course Design 2021 and Strides Lite as well as older versions of Strides including Strides Course Design, Strides Trainer and Strides Premium..

Tutorial videos - A series of tutorial videos demonstating how to use the different Strides Products
A series of demonstration tutorial videos on using Strides
Tutorial videos - Tutorial videos demonstrating how to use Strides Software
Strides Course Design & Strides Premium
Strides Lite
Trouble Shooting - Having problems running Strides? Here are a few possible causes and their sollutions.
Strides not running at all or failing to perform basic opera
Strides not saved to desktop
Strides crashes while being run.
Start a new course group - Start a new show, clinic, set of home exercises or templates
Start new show
Start new clinic
Start new Home Exercises
Start new template
Edit current project
Start new course from current show
New course wizard - Start a new show, clinic, set of home exercises or templates
Edit Arena - A new arena is created in the new course wizard. Once created an arena can be resized or reshaped
Edit arena
Designing a course - Creating a showjumping course, clinic set, home exercises or atemplate from new
Adding a new fence
Adding start flags
Adding finish flags
Editing a fence - Move, turn, delete, add or remove numbers or changing colour of fence
Fine movement of fence
Adjust pole length
Set the distance
Select a number for a fence
Add combination letter
Manual numbering
Automatic numbering
Delete a fence
Turn jump anti-clockwise
Turn jump clockwise
Change direction of jump
Set up for edit
Drag a fence
Turn with Turn Dial
Create rounds - Create rounds of different sequences to the first round, to display jump-offs, second and third rounds or extra exercises.
Create second round
Create third round
Measure rounds - Any round can be measured by using the automatic distance measurer as long as they have the start and finish flags in appropriate positions.
Measure all rounds
Measure an individual round
Manual measure each round
Select the measure set
Enter distance into round
Edit a measured round
Course display - All, templates, shows, clinics and home exercises with their courses are displayed in a tree on the left hand side of the frame. This make searching a
Opening a course
Deleting a course
Course components - A description the different fences, jumps, flags, in gate, judges box, schooling poles and hiddens jumps.
Hidden jump
Judges Box
In and out gate
Finish Line
Start Line
Triple Bar
Combination templates
Course elements - A description of each jump type, start and finish flags, gate, judges box and hidden jumps and their purposes.
Gate and judges box
Edit fence colours - You can select what colours you want to have ont the fence
Change main colour to a standard colour.
Change second colour to a standard colour.
Change main colour using the colour chooser
Change second colour of fence
Change full colour of a fence to a standard colour
Change full colour of a fence using colour chooser
Output options - The different options available for the user including print options and saving as an image
Quick print
Print options
Output image
Print options - By using the print preview you can print your course in different formats.
Print format
Display jump dimensions
Select course plan background
Select Language
Select Jump Design
View Print Preview
Course plan images - Two types of images can be displayed on a Strides course plan. A banner image and a mobile image
Insert banner image
Insert mobile image
Save Course as a file - You can save your course as an XML file in a chosen folder within your computer. This XML file can be used as back up or it can be transferred to anot
Save course as XML
Open XML file
Internal Boundaries - Add lines or curves to incororate boundaries within the course.
Add an Internal Line
Add an Internal Curve
Update course plan - Your chosen language or fonts can be selected for a more customised view of the course plan.
To select font for the current Course Plan
Select Language
Upload a course - A course can be uploaded to this website for on the field editing and public viewing.
Upload a course to Strides Website
View an uploaded course
Make online course public
View online courses in Strides
Examples - A step by step tour on how create new shows, clinics, home exercises and templates
Showjumping Courses





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