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Strides Distance Calculator

Strides Distance Calculator App for phones and tablets. Available on Android, iPhones and iPads.

Customised jumping distances for each situation, carried in your back pocket. Ideal while setting up a course, schooling exercise or grid in the arena.

The best distance to set between any two equestrian jumping fences depends on many variables. Strides Distance Calculator calculates a set of customized distances between equestrian jumping fences according to jump type, use, horse size, jump heights and ground slope. These variables can be selected using drop boxes. Distances are then displayed in both metric meters and imperial feet. Jump types include Verticals, Oxers, Triple Bars, Walls, Poles and Cross Bars. Distances uses include Jumping rounds (for competitions), Schooling Exercises or from trot. Horse size, set horse horses or varying pony sizes. Jump heights from 50cm to 1.50m. Finally slope of ground. After each drop box selection is made the distances will then be recalculated. The distances are then displayed in a table with a minimum and maximum distances for a bounce, one stride and then up to nine strides. Each distance is displayed in metric meters and imperial feet, so no conversions are required.

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Strides Distance Calculator Demonstration

Strides Distance Calculator customises the recommended distances between fences, depending on the chosen attributes. Select Jump types, line use (jumping or schooling), horse size, jump heights and ground slope to get the best distance between each fence.. To see more demonstration videos and tutorials, please visit the Strides Video Library





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