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List of recommended distances between any two fences

Use this Strides Distance Calculator to generate a customised distance for horse or pony (big pony or little pony) depending on jump types and heights.

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Create line type

Select the following drop boxes to choose jump types, what the line is used for example competition or schooling, size of horse or pony, jump heights for each jump and the slope that the line is running down. Select pole or cavaletti you will not need to select a jump height for that fence. If the distances do not alter after each drop box change, please check that you have javascript enabled on your browser.

Recommended Distances

Bounce only recommended for speed, derby or novelty classes
StridesDistance (m)Distance (feet)
Bounce3.9 - 4.3m12'6" - 14'
17.5 - 7.9m24'6" - 26'
210.8 - 11.2m35'6" - 36'6"
314.3 - 14.9m47' - 49'
417.7 - 18.9m58' - 62'
521 - 22.9m69' - 75'
624.4 - 26.8m80' - 88'
727.7 - 30.8m91' - 101'
831.1 - 34.7m102' - 114'

Tips for managing your distances

Here are a few tips to ensure you the distances right. Please also view the two videos below for a more comprehensive explanation.

  1. Use a measuring tape to set your distances If setting a course for a competition, do three measurements. Measure the distance between the poles, so set a correct distance. Measure edge to edge on each side to ensure the pales are parallel. Last measure crossways, from to the edge of one side of the pole to edge on the other side of the pole. This last measurement should be equal as to ensure both elements line up.
  2. Always watch how your distances are riding
    Sounds obvious, but if many competitors are doing one less stride or are taking off too close to the second element, your distance is too short. Lengthen the distance a little for the next class. If many competitors are doing an extra stride or taking off too far from the second element, the distance is too long. Shorten the distance for the next class.
  3. Test at lower heights
    For jumping exercises it is wise to test the distances at a low height or poles on the ground. When you are confident that the distance start to raise the heights gradually to you and your horse's current level,

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These distances are set as a guide only and should the user (to be referred to as "User") use these distances for any course the developer of this web site E Bullock Equestrian Ltd(to be referred to as the "Developer") shall be under no liability whatsoever to the User for any indirect and/or consequential loss and/or expense (including loss of profit) suffered by the User.

Setting the best distance - Video

To get the an exact distance in a gymanastic exercise or grid that suits you and your horse, make sure you watch Strides Training Series Episode 1 How to set the correct distance in a grid below.

To view more videos in The Strides Exercise Video Series, please visit the Strides Video Library.

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