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Use of Strides Lite
The purchase of a Strides Lite subscription allows the use of Strides Lite until this subscription expires. The purchase of Strides Course Design, Strides Trainer and Strides Premium also include a 1 years subscription for Strides Lite.
Displays visual jumping exercises
Displays graphical representations pole exercises, grids, related lines, short courses and others. Each picture displays multiple exercises that include the jump types and recommended distances.
Compatible with mobile devices.
Can be run on both iOS and Android. Runs very well on both iPhones and iPads. On Android it runs better using Chrome.
Explanations and tips for each exercise
Each exercise has an explanation on how to set up and ride. There are alternative options for beginner rider, green horses and advanced combinations. Throughout these explanations there are links to other exercises that make an ideal next step.
Compatible with all desktop platforms.
Strides Course Design, Strides Trainer and Strides Premium have been programmed in Java. The required Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is contained within the Installer Package, so no need for a separate download. There are separate licensed Installer packages each for Windows and Mac OS. Strides Lite is a web app that is compatible with any electronic device that contains a modern web browser.
Search for exercises
Enter the objective you wish search for and a list of exercise will then display. Each exercise in the list is a separate link.
Multiple language options
You can select which language you wish the course plan to be displayed in. The current selection options to display the course plan is English (default language), German (Deutsch), Dutch (Nederlands) or French (Francais). There is plans to add more languages in future versions of Strides
Create a course plan.
Creates a course plan to display ring side for jumping, hunter or the showjumping phase at horse trials.
Dropbox of objectives
Have a problem with your horse? The dropbox is a list common issues or objectives. Use the dropbox to produce of a list of the most helpful exercises.
Interacts with other Strides programs
Users of Strides Course Design, Strides Trainer and Strides Premium can upload courses to the Strides web server and then edit them using Strides Lite. Strides Lite courses can then be downloaded back to the client based programs.
Expandable index
All exercises are indexed into an easy to use expandable tree. Exercises are indexed under Introduction, pole exercises, grids, continuous exercises, related lines, short courses and other exercises.
Use predesigned courses
Have the use of predesigned courses. These courses have been designed by Strides Creator Edward Bullock for low level show jumping and young horses. Select a course that has an arena the same size or smaller for your show. Use Strides Lite to edit the course and enter vital information such as class name. Once fully finished the course can then be printed.
Wide Track View
As well as the dashed line a shadow track with the width of each fence can be viewed on the design screen. A wide track will give you the chance to see if other fences on the course are in the way.
Build new courses from existing courses
New courses can be started from the list of saved templates or a course of a previous class. The new course can start with an identical course, second and third rounds removed or with numbers removed.
Jump turn dial
Jumps can now be turned by pressing the mouse onto the turn dial and dragged to your preferred angle. This also allows a more precise angle to save on the course plan.
Allow different speeds for each round
Some classes have differing speeds for each round. Strides allows you to state the speed for each round.
Font selection for course plan
Choose the font of your choice to display on the course plan. Separate options for Headings and content.
Enter distances to system
While Strides can measure courses automatically it is still advisable that each course is measured once it is set up. If the measured distance is different to the generated distance you can simply enter the new distance to the system. The time allowed will then be adjusted accordingly. Strides Lite does not have an automatic measuring feature, unless it has been already uploaded from Strides Course Design or Strides Premium.
Round edges on course plan
As well as the current options of creating customised arena shape, now edges can be rounded. The allows a more accurate shape of the jumping arena.
Line distance measuring
All lines including combinations, related lines and broken lines in any round can display the distances between the jumps at each end. These distances can be displayed in metres, yards or feet. Having the distances displayed allows the course builders to set the distances directly from the course plan. Like the displayed track, lines can be printed or hidden at the users discretion. Strides Lite only displays combinations and related lines.
Automatic jump numbering
Each new jump is assigned with a new number. If the previous fence is part of a combination the system will check the new jumps location and give it its appropriate number. All numbers are editable. Numbering can also be done manually.
Create custom arenas
While most jumping arenas are rectangular in shape, you can make any polygon shape, oval, half oval or a rounded edged rectangle.
Automatic jump tracking
A track can be drawn from the start flags before the first jump to the finish flags after the last. A computer generated track can be a useful tool for checking the actual track throughout the course, so you can pick up any bad corners. This display option can be printed or hidden at the users discretion.
Checks corners
The Strides Corner Checker allows the user to analyse the ridability of each corner. This tool acts as a guide to ensure that corners are not too tight. It is also useful to allow a more experienced designer to push boundaries.
Measures each course automatically.
An estimated distance for each can be measured with one click of the mouse. Time allowed is then calculated for each round.
Optional printing formats
While older versions of Strides Course Design and Strides Premium allow you to print in Portrait as well as the default Landscape format. Strides Course Design 7.47 and Strides Premium 3.82 has introduced 2 extra options of Portrait and Landscape. These two options give the you a choice that best uses the page, depending on the shape of the arena. A standard size rectangular arena where width is about two thirds the its length, suits the current default landscape with the course details on the right hand side of the arena. A long narrow arena would suit the second Landscape option with the course details situated below the course plan. If the arena is more square shaped, a portrait format best fills the page. Portrait 2 is ideal for course designers who prefer to have the course going up and down. Many hunter course designers prefer this format. To select the preferred print format, open the Strides Print Preview and then select the preferred page format.
Database storage
Rather than saving each course as a separate file, all of Strides courses are saved within a self contained Strides database. Each course is grouped together by shows. All shows and courses are displayed in a tree on the main window, for easy access.
Add images to your course plan
An image can be added to the banner for classes for each as well as individual images that can be moved and resized for each course. This allows you to add your show or sponsors logos to your course plan.
Mobile toolbox
Rather than having the toolbox outside the arena, it pops up after a fence has been highlighted. This is especially useful with smaller touch screens as editing may be done on a zoomed in screen.
Add report
After receiving a lesson from your trainer you can record all important points taken. A trainer can enter all relevant information about the exercises to either pass onto his or her pupils or else to keep as reference on the purpose of each exercise.
Banks including drops, Irish and plain jump up and down can now be added to the course.
Design clinic exercises
Design exercises for an impending clinic or record exercises from a lessons received from your favourite trainer.
Upload courses to this website
Upon purchase of Strides Course Design or Strides Premium, a twelve month subscription of Strides Lite. This allows a user to upload courses to the website and be able to edit it using Strides Lite. There will also be an option to make the course available for public viewing.
Design home exercises
You can design your exercise on Strides Trainer before setting them up in your arena so that you can know how much space you have and what distances used. Allows you to keep track of what exercises you have used in the past.



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