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Strides Course Design 2021

A new and improved version of Strides containing current and new features for enhanced Course and Exercise designs.

Strides Course Design 2021 contains all the features of Strides Premium plus more.

Strides Course Design 2021 has all the combined features of Strides Premium plus more. While the basic look and feel of the program remains the same, many of its button icons more descriptive pictures. Here are some of the biggest features of Strides Course Design 2021:

  • Multilingual printout options. Select the course plan to be displayed in different languages
  • New jump turning tool. Strides Course Design 2021 has a turning dial for each jump object
  • Add rounded edges to arena. To get a more accurate picture of the exact shape of the arena
  • Customised font. A full array of fonts options are available for the Course Plan's heading and content.
  • Wide track view. Option to display wide shadow of the course track
  • Point lines for jumps. Printout option to show lines going from centre of each fence going directly to edge of the arena
  • A new fresh Course plan
  • Remove all jump numbers option
  • Option to remove numbers after a chosen fence
  • Trees can be added to the course plan as well as plants
In addition to the new features added to Strides Course Design 2021, there have also been several bugs fixed. These can be seen on the Strides Course Design 2021 news page.

Current users of Strides Course Design, Strides Trainer or Strides Premium can purchase an upgrade to Strides Course Design 2021 for NZD $74.95 in New Zealand (GST inclusive) or outside New Zealand USD $49.95. Current users can continue use their current program if they do not wish to purchase this upgrade, but there will be no further updates for them. Full support will still be available.

Strides Course Design 2021 purchase

From New Zealand $374.95NZD (GST inclusive)
Outside New Zealand $249.95USD

Upgrade to Strides Course Design 2021
From New Zealand $74.95NZD (GST inclusive)
Outside New Zealand $49.95USD

Strides Course Design 2021 Demonstration

Strides latest upgrade, Strides Course Design 2021.Strides Course Design 2021 is packed with many new features including multilingual presentation, round edges on irregular courses, new turning dial on fences and font option. . To see more demonstration videos and tutorials, please visit the Strides Video Library





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