Strides Update for 2019

The 2019 update for Strides Premium, Strides Course Designer and Strides Trainer are now available for download. Aside from a few minor bug fixes, there has been the following updates made to it:

  • In the new Course Wizard the disciplines have been changed from "Showjumping " to "Jumping " and "Showhunter "to Hunter

  • Changed round name for Hunter classes from "First Round" to "Hunter Round"

  • Added new buttons to the main task bar

    • View distances

    • Hide distances - visible only when distances are visible.

    • Select last fence of first round button

    • Create second round

    • View first round track

    • View second round track - visible only when first round is visible

    • Hide tracks - visible only if either first round or second round tracks are visible

  • List of recommended stride distances been updated

I have altered the discipline names to the modern names for "Showjumping" and "Showhunters" to "Jumping" and "Hunter". The round name for courses that get stated as a hunter class in the Discipline section in the New Course Wizard now gets called "Hunter Round" instead of "First Round" to make it more applicable to hunter classes.

When using Strides for my own purposes I regularly use the following tools from the menu list "View Distances", "Select Last Fence of First Round", "Create Second Round" and "View Tracks." To make it easier to create courses I have added new buttons to the main task bar. These icons themselves are new and may edit to a more aesthetic pictures for a future update. However I do hope they make course designing a quicker and easier.

Following modern trends in Jumper courses, the distances used in Lines and Combinations are generally longer than what were used a few years ago. This distance list has been altered to accommodate the more recent trends.
This update is now available for any current customer to download from Just make sure you are logged in and then click on the appropriate link to download. All new customers will download the latest version after purchase.

A significant number of improvements I have made to the Strides Programs over the years have been a result of feedback from various users. If you see a bug of have a suggestion, please feel free to contact me on



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