Strides Update Feb 2018

The latest update has enhanced the user's ability to edit a generated track. The generated track is created with a set distance from the line with each turn having a set corner diameter. This does shorten automatically if the track gets too close to the edge of the arena. However it did does not stop the track crossing over other fences in the course. Recent updates allow the user to shorten or lengthen the lines coming to and from each fence, but some corners require a more precise corner diameter. This new feature allows the user to get a more accurate distance for the course and be able to set an exact time.
Bug fixes for this update

  • Mac users can now upload pictures to the Strides Course plan. In recent times this could only be done on a PC.
  • Quick print defaults to a display status, not a design status. The recent update had jump settings shown on the quick print.This has now been amended.

To update attain this update, please visit, login and then click on the appropriate link for your computer.

Track editing, now allows the corner diameter to be adjusted.



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