Transfering a course from one computer to another.

As a user can install Strides onto up to three computers there is a need to transfer courses from one computer to another

There are two ways to transfer a course from one computer to the next, firstly to save a course as an XML file and then transfer that file to the other computer and secondly to upload a course to the Strides website and then download it onto the second computer.

To save a course as an XML file, open the course you want transferred on Strides. The save the course as an XML file by clicking on the menubar "File/Save Course as XML". A dialogue box will open for you to choose where to save and an option to name this file. Once saved, transfer this file to the other computer by email or via a USB device. If you do open the XML, be sure you do not alter the content as this could affect how it is processed by the Strides Program. Once saved on the second computer, open Strides and then open the XML file by selecting on the menubar "File/Open XML File". Once opened, you need to save it to the Strides database. This method does not require internet connection (unless you are emailing the file) and you can transfer to any computer with Strides installed.

The second method is to upload the course to the Strides website, make sure you have internet connection. Again, open the course on Strides and then select on the menubar "File/Upload Course". You will be asked if that is what you want to do, click "Ok" and a dialogue should indicate that the upload is complete. Once completed you can view this course on if you are logged in. If you subscription is valid you can also edit the course using Strides Lite by clicking "Edit Course". If your subscription has expired it can be renewed by visiting Strides Lite can be used on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. To download a course to the other computer, open Strides and then on the menubar select "View/View Online Courses". Online courses should then appear on the course tree. Select the course you wish to view and open it. Once opened, ensure the course gets saved. The main advantage of this method is that you can view the course on other devices, you can also publish the course so it can be viewed by any Strides visitor. The downside is that this can only be transferred to a computer where the license keys are the same (same user).

Either was has certain strengths and weaknesses, but both are effective at transferring courses from one computer to another.



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