Strides Lite is now available for purchase

I am very proud to announce that the online Web App: Strides Lite is now available for purchase. Strides Lite is bought in subscription format for equestrian course design. These subscriptions can be purchased for 7 day, 30 day or a whole year's use. Anyone who currently has Strides Course Design or Strides Premium will have a full year's subscription from today. Strides Lite can be used on any device using the following browsers: Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. This means that Strides Lite can be used on any computer, tablet or Smartphones that have any one of those Browsers installed.
Completed courses can be made public to allow any visitors to the site to view. The online display allows riders to view course plans via their phones, instead of crowding the ring side course plan. It is up to the designer's discretion whether to make a course public or private.
Strides Lite has been designed to be even more user friendly and more lightweight compared to Strides Course Design and Strides Premium. While Strides Lite contains some of the features seen in the other programs it does not have the special features such as jump tracking, course measuring, jump comments, corner checking etc. If you require these special features I recommend that you purchase either Strides Course Design or Strides Premium, where a full year's subscription to Strides Lite is part of the package. If you are very much a part time course designer, do not have a computer but have a tablet or find working on computers a little daunting then Strides Lite may be a better option.
Strides Course Design and Strides Premium also have an added feature where courses can be uploaded to the Strides website. After uploading these courses can then be edited online using Stride Lite. When you get back home the edited course can then be downloaded back to the Strides computer. This adds a new dimension to my course designing as I do not take any paper with me to build courses. I simply view my plans on my smart phone. If I need to make changes to the course I edit them using Strides Lite.

Strides Lite brings a new dimension in equestrian course design with courses being displayed online and being compatible with mobile devices. It can be used to interact with Strides Course Design or Strides Premium or else used as a standalone tool. To view a demonstration tutorial on Strides Lite please visit Strides Lite Demonstration Tutorial.
To view pricing please visit Strides Lite

Strides Lite, online web app for course design



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