Latest updates for Strides

Strides latest update is now available for downloading. Here is a list of the latest improvements.

  • Can add comments to any jump on the course. There are two types of comments that can be added. Display comments are visible for the actual course plan for example a fence can have "Jump off only" or a sponsor's name added to it. Design comments are specifically for the course builders and will not be visible in the default course plan print. They will be visible in the print design version. Can designer can specify how a jump is to be built, for example number of poles, fillers the poles are built etc.

  • Can now print a design version, the design version. The default print now prints a course plan for ring side display, but the print design will display the grid, jump distances, design comments and jump dimensions. A customised print version can still be achieved by using the Print Preview.

  • Measuring pins. Measuring pins can be used to measure the distance between any two points. Each of these pins can be dragged to anywhere in the course you wish and is great for measuring gaps between fences, the distance from a fence to the edge of the arena and more.

  • Improvements to the track editing tool. The last version allows the designer to specify the actual track. Now these changes can be saved. Improvements have also been made with editing the jump off track.

  • Option to remove the Strides logos from the course plan. The banner image now defaults to the top left hand side of the course plan.

The following bugs have also been fixed
  • Distances in the Strides Print version has been made to be consistent with the design view.

  • Bug in measuring the distances long broken lines has been fixed.

  • Jump dimension display option has been clean up.

To make an update login and then visit the downloads page.



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