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To get an exact distance in a gymnastic exercise or grid to suit your horse, make sure you watch Strides Training Exercise Episode 1


Strides software is designed to make all aspects of Course Design and Jump training easier for you. If you are a rider use Strides Exercises to explore jumping exercises to improve your horse's jumping style and ridebility. For course Designers and trainers, Strides21 provides cutting edge technology to assist in designing the best jumping courses and jump exercises. For the part-time course designer, Strides Lite provides a more cost effective option to design courses.

Jump exercises at your fingertips

This collection of equestrian jumping exercises can be done at home or during jump lessons. Suitable for all levels of experience - from novice riders jumping over poles on the ground, young horses starting off and up to the top-level jumpers, hunters or eventers. It is also very useful for trainers in setting up exercises for clinics.

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  • Includes, pole exercises, grids, related lines, practice courses and more
  • Full explanations and tips to get the most out of each exercise
  • Search by objective or exercise type
  • iPhone app available for download
  • Exercises that are simple to set up, simple to do, but challenging to master

An updated version of Strides with current and new features for enhanced Course and Exercise designs

Strides21 contains all the features of Strides Premium plus more. Strides21 has all the combined features of Strides Premium plus more. While the basic look and feel of the program remains the same, many of its button icons more descriptive pictures. Here are some of the biggest features of Strides 21:

  • Multiple language printout options
  • New jump turning dial for each jump object
  • Add rounded edges to arena
  • Customised font. A full array of fonts options are available for Course Plan's .

Simple online equestrian course design and editing tool

Strides Lite is a subscription based web application for basic course design and editing accessed via the Strides website. If you are looking for a no-frills design tool or need a suite of easily accessible pre-designed course templates which you can tweak to suit your needs then Strides Lite is for you.

  • Build courses from scratch or choose from a selection of pre-designed courses as your base
  • Option to share your course plan online - ideal to allow easy viewing for riders to access via their device when not ringside; or print a copy
  • Compatible with Windows, Apple and Android devices
  • Budget friendly 7-day, 1-month and 1-year subscription options

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