Strides - Software for equestrian course design

Strides provides user friendly equestrian course design software suitable for professional and amateur course designers, trainers and riders.

Strides latest product Strides Lite Check out Strides latest web app Strides Jump Exercises. A series of jumping exercises you can set up at home, including pole exercises, grids/gymnastic exercises, continuous exercises and more. Visit Strides Jump Exercises for an overview.

A showjumping derby course plan generated by strides

Strides Course Design and Strides Premium are packed with features to make designing professional looking courses easy
  • simple drag and drop system
  • automatic numbering
  • automatic course measuring
  • customise jump pole lengths, make poles longer or shorter
  • options to display distances, course track or jump dimensions
  • corner checking tool great to ensure easier corners for novice riders and young horses
  • jump comments for full display or building directions
  • customised colouring of each fence
  • display images on course plan for sponsors
  • NEW upload courses to this website
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Design then print for ringside display or save to the Strides database.Uploaded courses can be edited online using Strides Lite. To view online courses visit Strides Lite.

Compatable for both Windows and Mac OS X. MS Visio NOT required.